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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Supposed "Submissive" actually a pathetic game player!

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Over the past 4 months, I've been involved on-line on this site & the SwapFinder/AdultFriendFinder site with a man, Aaron, who professed to be a "submissive male looking for a dominated male". He has lead me on & totally "sucked me in" over this time leading me to believe he couldn't wait for us to meet. Now that it is a week away from meeting me, he has sent me a message that stated he was "feeling exceptionally guilty about cheating on his wife, that he made love to her the night before & about cried over it." He then asked me what my feeling were about his feeling of guilt. Well, feeling that he was in real pain, I told him that I would never ask him to do anything to hurt his wife or his marriage because even though I was his dominator, I felt that I was his friend. I even stated that if he decided that he couldn't meet me, that I would understand.

Since he asked me what my feelings on his situation, I then told him that I thought he was having issues with his sexuality vs. his committment with his wife & that he needed to think about them, that if he felt so strongly that if we met he'd be cheating on his wife, he should consider the fact that his "on-line sex & searching for sex" was also cheating on his wife. But I also told him that if he wanted to meet, I would never allow anyone to find out, that he was my friend & that if he was eventually going to be with a man (which he would someday because his sexual feelings for men would NOT go away just because he felt guilty), that maybe he should go ahead & meet me, a friend, someone who truly cared about him.

I sent the message to him & decided to give him some time to think about everything. Today, I decided to send him a short message experessing my concern for him (because I truly feel for any man who is having sexuality & guilt issues). BUT when I got to his profile page, I found he had changed his profile away from his dedication to me as my submissive AND had both of our blogs frozen (probably to have SF/AFF eliminate our blogs about each other, maybe even to get me into trouble with the site). Fortunately, I have a copy of what I sent to this man & will sent it to SW/AFF, this site, or whoever needs it to prove that I did not do anything wrong . . . OTHER THAN DEVELOPE A TRUE FRIENDSHIP & CONCERN FOR THIS MAN. Actually, thinking about it, this is exactly the kind of action a man takes who has SERIOUS sexuality issues - a fear of getting close to another man - other than a quickie suck off or fuck.

The mistake I made, I now know, is that I let myself be "taken in" by a REAL manipulator, a fake, a phoney, a real game player. I should have know this when he caused our "communications problem" a couple of weeks ago (see my other blog posts AND this guy's comments). I know now he was just using me for his sick jollies, using his "supposed guilt for cheating on his wife" as a way of meeting me (he probably never really had any desire to meet me).

Well, Aaron, you now have your way. I will no longer bother you, contact you, have any interest in you from this point on. Again, I find that you are a manipulator, a fake, a phony, a real game player. Too bad this site (& others) don't have a warning system for people like you. You lead people on, make them want to meet you, even care for you, then use them for your own twisted pleasure of stringing them along. I think you are a sick man. But I know that others will eventually find out about you as well & not bother with you. The last thing I'm going to say to you here just like on the SW/AFF website is "have a good life". You'll never hear from me again. And that's too bad. SOMEDAY you'll wish you had a friend like me who ACTUALLY cares about you. CARED about you I should say. I wish you no ill will. I just hope you'll get the help you obviously need.


Blogger tackman57 said...

Aaron contacted me just now & told me that he had changed his profile because he thought I would understand he could not meet me. Well, I would have understood IF he would have contacted me, HIMSELF, not by changing his post. I was this man's friend, I allowed myself to care for him & worry about his guilty feelings. He repaid me by not telling me in an e-mail or site message, directly to me, of his decision that he could not meet me. Aaron, I would have understood. I would have gladly supported your decision. I would have even offered to remain your friend, to be there for you if you ever needed to talk to someone about your feelings. But instead, you chose to treat me like a piece of meat you found on a net sex site. Well, like I told you in my last e-mail, I hold no ill will towards you. I just never wish to hear from you again. I've asked SW/AFF to remove you from my Friend Network & have blocked you from ever contacting me. You have proved yourself NOT a friend. Friends do not treat other friends like this. So, enjoy your life. Someday you will need a friend like me, one who really cared about you, worried about you, one who was willing to give up our possible sexual relationship to make sure you & your marriage wasn't hurt inspite of my desire for you. I hope you will remember what you have thrown away by treating me like you have. I also hope by that time you have "wised up" & changed how you communicate with others because if not, you're going to be a very lonely man.

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