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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Submissive's lame explaination

My supposedly dedicated submissive "Aaron" contacted me just now & told me that he had changed his profile because he thought I would understand he could not meet me since I said I would understand if he so decided. Well, I would have understood IF he would have contacted me, HIMSELF, & told me his decision, NOT by changing his post & letting me find out on my own. I was this man's friend, I allowed myself to care for him & worry about his guilty feelings. He repaid me by not telling me in an e-mail or site message, directly to me, of his decision that he could not meet me.

Aaron, I would have understood. I would have gladly supported your decision. I would have even offered to remain your friend, to be there for you if you ever needed to talk to someone about your feelings. But instead, you chose to treat me like a piece of meat you found on a net sex site (& I must add here that he has changed his profile to include new sexual fantasies for his new "game" he's now hunting for. What happend to the guilty feelings of cheating on your wife, Aaron? I guess having one-nighters or quicky blowjobs with people who couldn't care less about you isn't cheating, right?!). Well, like I told you in my last e-mail, I hold no ill will towards you. I just never wish to hear from you again. I've asked SW/AFF to remove you from my Friend Network & have blocked you from ever contacting me. You have proved yourself NOT a friend. Friends do not treat other friends like this. So, enjoy your life, Aaron. Someday you will need a friend like me, one who really cared about you, worried about you, one who was willing to give up our possible sexual relationship to make sure you & your marriage wasn't hurt inspite of my desire for you. I hope you will remember what you have thrown away by treating me like you have. I also hope by that time you have "wised up" & changed how you communicate with & treat others because if not, you're going to be a very lonely man.