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Sunday, October 29, 2006

For the past 4 to 6 weeks, I've been communicating with a man from Metro Denver who I met on another website. He seemed to be a perfect match for me. I'm a dominant male who has been searching for just the right submissive male to not only take care of my needs but also to build a man-toy fuck-buddy realtionship with for the long term. Throughout our e-mails, he has responded better than any other submissive I've found. Even his attitude was almost perfect. To make this man an even better candidate, in his "real life" he is a bi-sexual, married "alpha-male" police officer who just so happens has a desire to be totally dominated by another male. He vowed is submission to me numerous times. He even stated to me (& on this blog in his "fantasy" about our upcoming first meeting) that I have dominated him like no other man has, that he has been sexually aroused more by me & my e-mails than any other man, & has promised that he & his body is mine to do with what I want. BUT . . . I now doubt this man. It seems that while I was busy with work over the past two weeks, he has stopped contacting me & has started looking for one-time tricks to fill his mouth & ass with quicky, cheap sex INSTEAD of using this time to keep in contact with me as he vowed to me that he would. He has also ignored two of my e-mails of the past couple of days demanding that he explain himself & his actions. But I have heard nothing from him. Supposedly he is busy on the weekends with his family. But the first of my recent e-mails was on a day he is supposedly free to contact me. As a dominate, I take serious insult to this kind of neglect from my submissive. And this is not the first time he has defied me, it is the third (& the worst). Unlike most dominants, I have decided to give "Officer Aaron" one more chance, JUST ONE, to contact me ASAP to explain himself & his actions. BUT so far I have not heard from him. He has also stated on this site on comments to another post of mine that he can access this site at work when he cannot access his own e-mail anywhere else. So, Aaron, this is a wakeup call for you. You are in serious danger of losing the best thing that could ever happen to you. You need to check your personal e-mail AND/OR the message I sent you on the site on which we met, read my last two e-mails (especially the last one) & contact me NOW! Even if you have to sneak out of you house or out of work to be able to contact me to explain to me what is going on.

For those of you who are reading this & wonder what will happen, I will post again next weekend to let you know if this man is truly "the special man" I thought he was OR if he is a fake who deserves to be exposed to anyone else that he may try to lead on.


Blogger tackman57 said...


I wanted to contact you because I was concerned about you from your last message to me on SF/AAF AND about what I wrote back to you. I know I gave you A LOT to think about & was, again, concerned about you. And I still am. BUT, now I see that you have changed your profile again, AWAY from your pledge that you are mine. I now know that you were just wanting a way out of meeting me, probably never really had any desire to meet me, & used my concern for you & your "supposed guilt for cheating on your wife" as a way out of meeting me. Well, Aaron, you now have your way. I will no longer bother you, contact you, have any interest in you from this point on. I find that you are a manipulator, a fake, a phony, a real game player. Too bad this site doesn't have a warning system for people like you. You lead people on, make them want to meet you, even care for you, then use them for your own personal jollies. I think you are a sick man. But I know that others will eventually find out about you as well & not bother with you. The last thing I'm going to say to you is "have a good life".

Mark - tackman57

To those reading these comments & either of our blogs, I was totally "sucked in" by this man, thinking he was is real pain from his e-mail where he expresses extreme guilt for cheating on his wife if were got together. I sent him a reply that told him I understood his concerns AND that I would never ask him to anything that would hurt his wife or marriage but that to ignor his desire for sex with another man, he might actually make things worse. I even gave him the option to no longer hold him to meeting me & saying good bye to our thoughts about ever meeting. I gave him a day or so to read & think about what I said to him. When I tried to send him another message to find out how he was because I was concerned about him, I found that not only had he changed his profile "taking back his dedication to me as my submissive" BUT has had our SF/AFF blogs frozen (meaning under consideration by the SF/AFF site). I find his actions suspect. I now consider him a fake, a phoney, a manipulator & someone who is a real game player. It's too bad that the SF/AFF site (& other sites as well) don't have a way to expose these kinds of people.

Other than wasting my time over the past 4 MONTHS, & making me really care about him, I have nothing against Aaron. I DO think he needs to get some help with his issues AND stop leading people on. But I think this IS his way of getting his sexual jollies.

1:27 PM  
Blogger tackman57 said...

Aaron contacted me just now & told me that he had changed his profile because he thought I would understand he could not meet me. Well, I would have understood IF he would have contacted me, HIMSELF, not by changing his post. I was this man's friend, I allowed myself to care for him & worry about his guilty feelings. He repaid me by not telling me in an e-mail or site message, directly to me, of his decision that he could not meet me. Aaron, I would have understood. I would have gladly supported your decision. I would have even offered to remain your friend, to be there for you if you ever needed to talk to someone about your feelings. But instead, you chose to treat me like a piece of meat you found on a net sex site. Well, like I told you in my last e-mail, I hold no ill will towards you. I just never wish to hear from you again. I've asked SW/AFF to remove you from my Friend Network & have blocked you from ever contacting me. You have proved yourself NOT a friend. Friends do not treat other friends like this. So, enjoy your life. Someday you will need a friend like me, one who really cared about you, worried about you, one who was willing to give up our possible sexual relationship to make sure you & your marriage wasn't hurt inspite of my desire for you. I hope you will remember what you have thrown away by treating me like you have. I also hope by that time you have "wised up" & changed how you communicate with others because if not, you're going to be a very lonely man.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Denver Bi Guy said...

I sent you an e-mail saying that I appreciated your understanding and that I wasn't going to be able to get past the guilt. You assume the worse too quickly. I wish you a good life and happiness.

7:50 AM  
Blogger tackman57 said...


You're lying. You didn't send me an e-mail saying you wouldn't be able to be with me or get past the guilt of cheating on your wife. You didn't send me any message at all. I found out when two days after I sent you my "understanding"
message when I was going to check on you to see if you were okay. Without actually telling me first by e-mail or site message, you changed your profile on the SwapFinder/AdultFriendFinder site away from your dedication to me to a couple of new sex fantasies in order to hook a new set of guys to feed your fantasy needs OR to have quickies or one-nighters. It was ONLY after I found out you had changed your profile & contacted you to see what was going on that you told me of your decision. You only e-mailed me later because I'd caught you in your lie. You didn't have guilty feelings about meeting me. You said it yourself that you always "chicken out" when it comes time to meet the guy you've made plans with. I'm just the latest guy you've strung along & dick-teased then left high & dry. I thought we had developed a real friendship but I was wrong. You are only interested in your own pleasure, your own fantasies, your own feelings. You couldn't give a damn about anyone else, not me, not all the other guys you've contacted, not your wife, not your daughter, nobody. If you were really so "ridden with guilt" by meeting me & cheating on your wife like you told me you were, you would have closed your SwapFinder/AdultFriendFinder profile, cancelled your membership to that site, stopped looking for dicks to suck & fill you ass, & re-dedicated yourself to your wife & daughter & the committment you have made to them. Instead, you dump me & start looking for other guys to suck & fill you ass, that is IF you ever get the guts to actually meet them. But you won't! You never will! You'll chicken out on them just like you've chickened out on all us guys in your past. Like I've said before, you've got a LOT of problems, buddy. And they'll catch up with you some day. You'll make a real bad slip up & your wife or daughter (or both) will discover your little world of sex with men by finding it on your computer or whatever. At that time, you'll loose everything. There won't even be any guys there with shoulders for you to cry on because you'll have screwed all of them over just like you've screwed me & the guys in your past. But that's in the future UNLESS you wise up. But you won't. I'll bet you've done the same thing to a lot of guys before me. You know something, Aaron, you've tossed away & lost what was probably going to be the best friend of your life when you walked away from me. Well, it's your loss. Good luck with your life. I have a feeling you're going to need all the luck you can to keep your wife from finding out. And, by the way, stop leaving messages on my blog. You feel too guilty to meet with me, remember?! That should include my blogs.

8:24 PM  

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