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Monday, October 30, 2006

Dominant finally hears from wayward Submissive

It seems that my wayward submissive has not been the "bad boy" that I thought him to be. He has not been out "catting around for dicks to fill his holes", he has not been ignoring me, he has not been an unfaithful submissive. He is still (& even MORE than ever) the "special" submissive I figured him to be. He has even reaffirmed his submission to me, offering himself up to me completely, telling me he cannot wait to kneel before me, to lay himself out before me for me to use anyway I want, to be mine in whatever way I want him, for me to dominate him totally, completely. I was most pleased with Aaron's contact today.

Now . . . what he HAS been is FOOLISH . . . he has been (how can I put this) "using a less than reliable computer access for his portable laptop" to try to keep in touch with me during the day at work. Because of this, many of his messages (through regular e-mail & the SwapFinder/AdultFriendFinder website) were lost by this "alternative" form of access. We have finally been able to connect, sort of (mostly through the
SwapFinder/AdultFriendFinder that has AGAIN been having trouble, like it frequently does!!!) because he has not been on his own computer with his own computer access. I have "pointed out the error of his ways" to him, told him to settle down (he tried in a panic to message me 23 times this afternoon), & then contact me again in a more secure way. It now looks like all will be okay with our "situaltion" & our "special relationship" is back on track (unless this all happens again, which it won't . . . WILL IT AARON?!). Time will tell. If anything of interest develops, I may decide to post it here & on the other site on which Aaron & I met. And I trust I will hear from Aaron - ON HIS OWN COMPUTER WITH HIS OWN WEB ACCESS - VERY SOON . . . because I have PLANS for him!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

For the past 4 to 6 weeks, I've been communicating with a man from Metro Denver who I met on another website. He seemed to be a perfect match for me. I'm a dominant male who has been searching for just the right submissive male to not only take care of my needs but also to build a man-toy fuck-buddy realtionship with for the long term. Throughout our e-mails, he has responded better than any other submissive I've found. Even his attitude was almost perfect. To make this man an even better candidate, in his "real life" he is a bi-sexual, married "alpha-male" police officer who just so happens has a desire to be totally dominated by another male. He vowed is submission to me numerous times. He even stated to me (& on this blog in his "fantasy" about our upcoming first meeting) that I have dominated him like no other man has, that he has been sexually aroused more by me & my e-mails than any other man, & has promised that he & his body is mine to do with what I want. BUT . . . I now doubt this man. It seems that while I was busy with work over the past two weeks, he has stopped contacting me & has started looking for one-time tricks to fill his mouth & ass with quicky, cheap sex INSTEAD of using this time to keep in contact with me as he vowed to me that he would. He has also ignored two of my e-mails of the past couple of days demanding that he explain himself & his actions. But I have heard nothing from him. Supposedly he is busy on the weekends with his family. But the first of my recent e-mails was on a day he is supposedly free to contact me. As a dominate, I take serious insult to this kind of neglect from my submissive. And this is not the first time he has defied me, it is the third (& the worst). Unlike most dominants, I have decided to give "Officer Aaron" one more chance, JUST ONE, to contact me ASAP to explain himself & his actions. BUT so far I have not heard from him. He has also stated on this site on comments to another post of mine that he can access this site at work when he cannot access his own e-mail anywhere else. So, Aaron, this is a wakeup call for you. You are in serious danger of losing the best thing that could ever happen to you. You need to check your personal e-mail AND/OR the message I sent you on the site on which we met, read my last two e-mails (especially the last one) & contact me NOW! Even if you have to sneak out of you house or out of work to be able to contact me to explain to me what is going on.

For those of you who are reading this & wonder what will happen, I will post again next weekend to let you know if this man is truly "the special man" I thought he was OR if he is a fake who deserves to be exposed to anyone else that he may try to lead on.